Natural Homemade Beauty Products

I made the switch to natural homemade beauty products several years back. The main reason was that I wanted to know exactly what I was putting on my skin. Did you know that your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it? Chemicals and all? Scary, right?

I decided that I didn’t want to put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. It had to be natural. It had to be good for the inside of my body to be good for the outside of my body. It made more sense this way.

People with sensitive skin or those trying to be frugal may also find a benefit in making these products themselves. And once you see how well they work? You’ll be hooked too.

Lets start with something simple, like how to make lip gloss. There are so many recipes out there and I’ve tried quite a few but I always come back to the simple, natural ones with few (or in some cases only one!) ingredients. If you prefer something less glossy and more thick on your lips, you can try out this excellent natural lip balm recipe instead. My whole family uses this, even my little niece and nephew. With these natural ingredients we don’t have to worry about them licking it off.

Homemade lotion is another product that I love to make, especially since it goes all over your body so there is the potential for a lot of absorption. I live in a very arid climate so lotion is something I like to use a lot of. I also work in ceramics which dries out my hands so I need one that really works well.

honey face wash

Another simple living secret is that I’ve been using honey to wash my face for three years now. Natural and I haven’t had breakouts like I used to.

Lets not forget good old soap! These homemade soap recipes for bar soaps are wonderful and a quick and easy “cheating” method that we often use to save money and time. We even give these as holiday gifts.

I’ve been using what is called the no shampoo or no poo method of cleaning my hair for a long time. You can see the progression of photos documenting my journey with no shampoo and how much better and more healthy my hair is now! These homemade shampoo recipes are good ones to try for cleaning hair.

Keep it simple and natural and you’ll enjoy discovering a whole new world of homemade beauty products!

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