Homemade Lip Balm Recipe – Simple and Natural

by allysonrosenbloom

I developed this homemade lip balm recipe as a variation of the homemade wood polish I started making a few years back. It is all natural and makes a lovely, simple base that you can add flavoring oils to if you like.

beeswax lip balm
Homemade Lip Balm Recipe
1 part Murray’s Natural Beeswax
4 parts oil

See? I told you it was simple. Jojoba oil , olive oil and coconut oil are excellent options for the oil as are many other nut oils like walnut or almond – but they are harder to find. I’ve used a variety and jojoba oil is my favorite. I do not include mineral oil (although it is perfectly safe to use) simply because it is a petroleum product and doesn’t actually hydrate as well as plant based oils do. In other words, use what we are meant to eat.

You’ll have an easier time if you grate your beeswax first (it will melt faster) but this is optional. Please note, it is very hard to clean off grated beeswax from a cheese grater and I have one reserved just for beeswax.

lipbalm homemade
An easy way to measure your parts is to fill a measuring cup with 1 cup of oil and then add grated beeswax until it measure 1 and 1/4 cups. This will made quite a bit of lip balm, perfect for gift giving!

homemade lip balm recipe
You’ll need to heat your mixture until the beeswax melts completely. The microwave is fine but the stovetop works too. I’ve done both since we no longer have a microwave.

Now if you are planning on adding any flavoring oils you would do it here, after the beeswax has melted completely. My beeswax is from a local beekeeper who lives next to an orange grove so my lip balm always has a subtle orange scent. I don’t add anything else, I keep it simple.

making lip balm
Now pour your hot mixture in a heat safe bowl. It will start to harden as it cools and I like to stir it to keep it a fluffy, well-mixed texture. However, you can at this point pour directly into metal tins if you like.

handmade lip balm
The one on the left was made with olive oil while the one on the right was made with Jojoba oil . While the olive oil has a slight greenish tinge this doesn’t show up on your lips that I’ve noticed!

Your lip balm will last at least a year and much longer if you store the extra in the fridge.

Enjoy this simple homemade lip balm recipe! Your lips will thank you!
What about you? Share your homemade beauty recipes right here!

Please Note: – These homemade beauty products have not been tested on your skin…only mine so please use at your own risk. While my recipes are natural, I have to assume that they won’t be the magic ticket for everyone. Good luck!


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Dana June 6, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Have you tried adding a bit of color to use as a tinted lip balm or even to rub on your cheeks as blush? Would a bit of beet juice work? And I have another question – I have been making my own lotion for some time and recently I have been using beeswax over other emulsifying waxes. My problem is that it seems so difficult to get the beeswax out of my mixing jars and such. Do you have any suggestions for removing beeswax residue easily?


Susan October 7, 2012 at 9:09 am

I’ve really enjoyed reading your site – I’ve often dreamed of getting together something like this! Have you ever tried using castor oil? It smells very good and nutty and it can be applied as a lip gloss or on dry skin. It can also be used on eyelashes and eyebrows to thicken and darken (make-up effect). It’s very cheap and easy.


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