DIY Kitchen Wet Bag – For Used Dish Cloths, Unpaper Towels & Dinner Napkins

by allysonrosenbloom

A must have to store dirty rags for wash day!
I sewed a kitchen wet bag once I realized that using cloth napkins, knitted dish rags and unpaper towels resulted in a small pile of wet laundry with no place to go. Yes, I could have just put it in the regular laundry pile, but that was a few rooms over and I wanted a spot for it right there in the kitchen. And not just piled on the counter, ick.

I’m no stranger to wet bags so one for the kitchen made perfect sense! Especially if I could make it look cute and just the right size to hang on a knob. We have a door in our kitchen that goes to the garage (which is where the laundry is) so I figured this would be the perfect spot for us. However, you could hang one on a regular drawer or cupboard knob too.

For the inside, I used laminated cotton to make it waterproof. The outside and hanging loop I used regular quilting weight cotton. The size you make really depends on how large your family is (especially if you use cloth dinner napkins as that will add bulk) but for me my starting pieces of fabric were 16″ wide by 35″ long and the loop for hanging was 4″ wide by 20″ long.

sew kitchen wet bagkitchen wetbag 
To sew, take the regular cotton and fold it so that right sides are together and stitch up the sides, leaving a small hole on one side where you don’t sew. Stitch the sides of the laminated cotton (again, right sides together). The hanging loop is sewn the long way and turned right side out and pressed with an iron. Then put right sides together and put the laminated cotton bag inside of the cotton bag. Pin the hanging loop down between the layers and sew the top edge. Finally, turn the whole thing right side out through the small hole that you left in the cotton. Hand stitch the small hole. Done!

sew kitchen wet bagkitchen wetbag 
I find I don’t have to wash this wet bag every time I unload it into my washing machine, but every 2 or 3 weeks I just turn it inside out and throw it right in the wash. It has held up wonderfully!

handmade kitchen wet bag
Enjoy having a pretty spot for your used kitchen rags and napkins! I bet once you have this you will find it very easy to make the switch from using disposable products in the kitchen and for cleaning!
Any you? Share your eco-friendly cleaning tips, products and handmades here!


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Sew a kitchen wet bag for your dirty dish cloths, unpaper towels and used cloth napkins! This is a must have if you are going paperless in your kitchen