Old Time Recipes

by allysonrosenbloom

Nothing beats these old time recipes! From scratch is always better!
I can’t resist creating a whole section just for old fashioned recipes because the fulfillment I feel when I make something completely from scratch is like none other when it comes to cooking and baking.

From scratch is the key in most old style cooking, the way they did it generations ago. Forget using canned soups or store bought chicken stock for example when it is so much tastier (and often cheaper) to learn to make it yourself.

old time refried beans

Sure, you can buy most anything you need these days in tasteless, preserved packages but there is something almost meditative about slowing down and making something completely from scratch, even though you don’t have to. There is a connection to our food that we have all but lost. Making something using an old time recipe that involves doing things like making your own butter (which is actually quite easy) brings that connection back.

It also connects us to former generations of homemakers who did this work on a daily basis.

Perhaps the recipe you are using is one passed down in your family, which makes it all the more special. Others may be borrowed from another family, like my Old Time Refried Beans Recipe from my mother-in-law’s side of the family, who were from Mexico. It is such an honor and a trip down memory lane to make something and imagine ancestors doing the same.

I’d also suggest getting a vintage cookbook or two for inspiration. I love vintage cookbooks! I can usually find them for very cheap (I’m talking less than a dollar) at garage sales and thrift stores. It is so much fun just to look through them as they are often full of commentary and related (sometimes comical) homemaking tips.


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