Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe for Candy Cane Ice Cream

by allysonrosenbloom

This peppermint ice cream recipe is a great winter holiday treat along with a cup of hot cocoa! We often put a scoop in our hot cocoa. Delicious.

Not what you were looking for? Here is our Green Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe (the one with chocolate chips) if that is more your thing.

I came up with this recipe when we had so many homemade candy canes leftover but store bought canes will be just perfect too, as long as they are the classic peppermint flavor.

Please Note: All of my recipes make approximately one quart of ice cream.

peppermint ice cream recipes
Candy Cane Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe
2 cups cream
2 cups half n half*
3/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon peppermint
1/4 tea natural red food coloring (optional)
3 candycanes in blender for topping

*As with all my recipes, you can use any variation of milk and cream you like. Four cups of cream would work. As would two cups of cream and two cups of whatever milk you have on hand. These changes will only slightly change the outcome.

peppermint ice creamcandy cane ice cream 
Instructions: Grind your candycanes slightly in a blender or food proccessor. I like to grind mine so that some if it is like a fine sugar and some of it is still chunks. Whisk the sugar in cream and half and half until dissolved and then add all other ingredients. Then pour in your ice cream maker and mix until it is frozen.

Once frozen, serve with candy cane bits sprinkled on top! It is also amazing with or in hot cocoa or served with warm fudge.

peppermint extractmaking ice cream 
I have a drum mixer that is an attachment for my KitchenAid and it takes about 20 minutes. This results in a soft serve texture so I transfer it to a glass freezer dish for a few hours for it to firm up to a texture I can scoop.

Enjoy making this candy cane recipe!


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