Wine Cork Trivets & Bulletin Boards

by allysonrosenbloom

I love upcycling whenever possible, but I also don’t want that trash to look too trashy.  My favorite reusable trash has got to be corks from wine bottles.  I started saving them the year I was planning my wedding, thinking they would be used for place card holders, but I went with fortune tellers instead for that project.  Cork is beautiful, especially when a few pieces are wine stained or with tips broken off.  It’s the perfect mix of classy and natural.

Depending on your cork supply, you can make many different kinds of gifts.  For a trivet, you need around 30-35 corks, for a bulletin board, you need around 130-150 corks.  Both are made the same way, and make a useful gift…

Cork Collection

Here’s what you need:
Wine corks (bottoms up!  You need a bunch.  Or, you could buy them on Amazon for cheap, but really what’s the fun in that?)
Plywood cut for your desired size gift (for a trivet, 7”x7” for a bulletin board, 14”x14”, or any other size that you’d like)
Mod Podge

Here’s what you do:
First, play with your design.  You can have rows of corks going in the same direction, or you could mix is up and see what you like best.  

Tiled Cork Trivet

Spiral Cork Trivet

Get creative and have some corks hanging off the side, or start the whole pattern diagonally and see how it turns out.
If this is going to be a bulletin board, keep in mind the pressure of push pin coming in.  You might want to trim the excess off of the sides with a razor blade or box cutter.  The beauty of working with cork is that smooth straight cuts look great, but so do ripped, jagged edges.

Once you’ve decided your pattern, take a few corks off at time to start Mod Podging the plywood with a paintbrush. The Mod Podge will go on all sides of the cork. It acts as an adhesive, but also gives everything a beautiful shine. If the cork is not sticking well, you could use a hot glue gun, but I like how kid friendly Mod Podge is.

Let your creation dry for up to an hour, and you have a lovely, practical gift.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Barb Murphy June 22, 2013 at 8:57 am

Hi Allyson, Your website is great. I am already poo-less but I like to see more and more people talking about taking their lives back from the lure of advertisers/corporations. I think the crocheted fruits are so cute and wondered if you made them and if so, do you have a pattern to share? Thanks!


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