Fulfilled Homemaking

Welcome to the new definition of homemaking!
Filling your days with freshly baked bread and laughter.
Fulfilled homemaking is all about making a home. Slow down, squeeze the tomatoes ripening in the sun and find fulfillment in having time for those you love…and also time for the things you love to do.

fulfilled homemaking

Here you’ll find homemade project tutorials, tips and the simple yet inspiring ways of home based life. Things like homemade soap recipes, natural cleaning recipes, building raised garden beds, homeschooling, homesteading and taking steps toward sustainable living. Tips for decluttering, meal planning, saving money and tried and true wholesome recipes. Plus, do it yourself handmade crafts and do it yourself home decorating.

What does home mean to you? It could be the smell of freshly baked bread, the laughter of children or a soft, well-worn quilt draped across the back of a comfy sofa. A savory soup in a cast iron pot on the stove or a piece of art on the wall that holds a story. Home is surrounding ourselves with the things and actions we find meaningful so that the air hums with the essence of our own unique selves.

Think this site isn’t for you? Let me guess, you are totally turned off by the term homemaking, am I right? If so, then this site probably is for you. If you have a home…you are a homemaker. You can check your outdated 1950s era oppressed definition at the door, along with your shoes. Welcome to the new definition of homemaking! Women (and men!) are taking back their lives and centering it upon their home. They are moving away from relying on what multi-million marketing campaigns have decided for them and are instead putting in a vegetable garden. Or brewing their own beer. Or switching from chemical cleaners to making their own natural cleaning products. We are taking back our homes! With every moment we are making a home. We are homemakers!

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